We Specialize in Brand Development,

Graphic Design and Visual Content Creation

We have competences, ambitions and opportunities. 

We respect your time and resources. 

We repel compromises. 

We are not choked by any ISO.

We do not wait for the approval of the Conductor from our Headquarters. 

We are happy to hear the answer „Are you crazy ...”.

If IDEOVI has to stick to the schemes, it’s only for the benefit of customers. 

We close the cooperation scheme in an ABC that is understandable to everyone. 

Four quick steps for this. At the same time, to always be close to the customer,

but do not interfere with current operations. 

Effy Budrzycka

CEO & Creative Director

Effy has over 11 years experience in design industry

for several successful projects with her own creative agency. She has extensive knowledge and solid experiences

in brand construction, social media campaign, web design, UI/UX and space design. She is familiar with marketing

and commercial media industry in Poland, Europe

and China region and has rich personal relationship resources. From 2017, she stated to involve in several Blockchain projects as creative and marketing expert. 

Max Wang

Director of Strategy

Max Worked in one of the best investment banking China as the Head of Tech Consulting for both consulting

and investment business. He co-founded Liechtenstein Crypto Assets Exchange and led the technical development of two cryptocurrency exchanges in Asia. He has been working in the internet industry for +15 years, responsible

for the business, innovation and technological development of several tech companies. He also provides strategies

for Asian governments to develop their blockchain industry. 


Brand Strategy, Identity & Branding,

Print, Digital & Web, Art Direction, 

Environmental & Exhibition

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