BlockBase Davos

A network of art & tech community spaces magnetically connected by Global SuperNode leaders sharing the same passion for ideas & actions in conscious entrepreneurship. By working with critical partners around the world, BlockBase creates diverse spaces and facilitates impactful collaborations at strategic locations with collaborative events around the world. Flagship spaces in Davos, Bali & New York are scheduled to kick off in 2019 by collaborating with existing multipurpose spaces. All spaces will allow private meetings, group gatherings, art & mindful practices accessible to BB members.


branding for 4 sub companies, website, event organization, marketing, ppt's




Internet and mobile devices

The heart of our project is a mountain rock, eye-catching, showing the spirit of Davos, stable, strong, referring to the nature and harmonious dualism of the Yin-Yang philosophy. The geometric design of the logo corresponds to the idea of blockchain technology – mathematically excellent system that encrypts and stores information about transactions.

Business Cards

The idea of the conference combining the latest technologies of the financial world with the philosophy of Zen, art and meditation, had to be reflected in branding materials. Business cards and all other items designed for the event were made of natural, organic materials.