Luvah, aka, Natalie, is a Russian-born singer currently based in Beijing, China.

She has a passion for soul, jazz and pop and she won numerous awards and accolades

for her stunning singing ability. Her journey through music started at an early age: when

she was only 7, Natalie began singing quite regularly for her community, often performing

for charity concerts and other public events throughout her native region. Hailed as a true musical progeny, her talent was highly encouraged and she was even admitted at the prestigious Prokofiev Musical School and Far Eastern State Academy of Art, where she furthered her studies in musical theatre. In China, she became a well-respected performer, often appearing on national and regional TV networks. She made headlines as part of the now famous “Barbie Wawa” musical group, which won the audience choice award in 2013,

as part of the competition “I Want To Be In Spring Festival Gala”.Her musical style can be described as rich, dynamic and luscious, with an incredible vocal depth and a stunning melodic approach. Her soprano delivery is earnest and melodic, and she earned her reputation as one of the most recognizable voice talents in the Far East.


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