ZBX exchange

ZBX is a regulation ready cryptocurrency exchange registered in Malta and targeting 

the European market. Built with and powered by the technical solutions from Zillion Bits AG 

- a Swiss based world leading exchange solution provider, Zillion Bits™ core solution has 

already been commercially used on several top-tier exchanges such as ZB.com and EXX.com. 

The founding team of ZBX has broad and intensive experience in traditional financial service, 

IT and cryptocurrency sectors. ZBX™s core team is located in Malta, Switzerland, Sweden, 

China and Singapore.


website, marketing, white paper,

pitch decks




July 2018

Branding made for ZBX exchange tends to show that the company is future of finance. Traditional finance uses blue, light orange or green colors to represent the trusts and legitimacy. 

We use black as the future color and the dark orange for the financial roots. 

The brand has a sharp, clean and technical feeling. The strict, technical typeface refers to the future and technology that is blockchain.


Company presenting is one of the most important part of promoting business. In ZBX color system are bringing attention and help costumers to see ZBX from those play-safe competitors, standing out from those blue plain visual communications. 

Website Design

Following the branding concept, clean-cut, sharp images, crude fonts give it a futuristic approach while trustworthy and related to the user interfaces of existing crypto exchanges. 

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